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About Us

A darts themed birthday

About Us

My best checkout, but not my best pose!

I'm Robert, the creator of this website. I live and work in Beijing, having moved here in 2016. I'm the captain of a local pub team called Plan B, which plays in the Beijing International Darts League. About a year ago, I came up with the idea of darts in a bottle.

I was spending a lot of time looking at darts online (they are even more overpriced in China!) and finding the 'right' set was becoming a bit of an obsession. I would spend hours looking for darts, add them to my 'favourites', buy them, and then soon realise they were not for me! The most vivid experience I remember is a set of Target Swiss points. I was sure they would suit me well, but within a few throws, I'd realised they were too grippy and the points were too fragile. That would have been about 70 pounds down the drain. Luckily, I managed to sell them to my friend Russ who works as a designer (he actually designed this homepage) just because he liked the packaging!

One day I came up with the idea of a 'lovefilm' kind of website, but for darts. I had about 10 sets of darts at that point, and I decided I would be happy to share a set if it meant I could try others for a small monthly fee. I hope you agree it is a good way of not letting barrels go to waste, and for roughly six pounds a month, you get to try other sets (£24.99 for 4 sets a month).

I strived to create a website where people are relaxed about sending a set of barrels in, safe in the knowledge that they could either sell them, get them back again when cancelling or if another user was dishonest, they would be compensated up to the tune of £40. You may notice that our terms and conditions are long, but it is to protect YOU the user, just as much as us.

Q & A

What's your best checkout?
A 156 against a Chinese friend in a best of 3 legs game. It was for the match!

What darts do you use?
I play with what I believe are Unicorn James Wade 20.5g darts. I bought them used, as stock for this website; and loved them so much that they are now my barrels of choice. Previously, I was using darts around the 24g-25g range and had always considered 22-23g as too light!

Is the Beijing International Darts League any good?
Not really! There are a few good teams and several decent players, but for the most part it's an average level.

Favourite darting memory?
Taylor beating MvG in 2013.